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Select your persp camera in the Outliner, open the Attribute Editor, and adjust the Near Clip Plane & Far Clip Plane attribute values. My scene's linear unit is currently set to centimeters. The values for my camera's clip planes are Near Clip Plane = 0.1 & Far Clip Plane = 10000. I work with standard, human-height (~180cm tall) characters all ... Jul 12, 2015 · Applications used: Maya, Mudbox, Unreal Engine. My final year project was based on the Moon. The concept was to create a fully interactive and scientifically accurate 3D environment of the lunar surface which would be viewed through a Virtual Reality headset (in this case Oculus Rift).

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Specify the attributes is usefull to improve the extraction time in objects with a lot of attributes, or to reduce the size of the Redshift proxy objects. You can retrieve the mesh Point and Vertex Attributes and the hair Primitive Attributes using the RS Vertex Attribute and RS Point Attribute lookup VOP nodes in the Redshift SHOP shader networks

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DOWNLOAD: https://gum.co/maya-reorder-attributes INSTALLATION: * Extract the content of the .rar file anywhere on disk. * Drag the reorderAttributes.mel file…Spawn and destroy, hide and unhide; Results: UE4 now knows all transforms of all models. CPU – Draw thread. Before we can use the transforms to render the image we need to know what to include in the rendering, ignoring this question might take rendering expensive on GPU.

Please take a look at my screenshot. I added a new guide, but by default ornatrix assigned in to Strand Group "3". I want to change it to '2". I select this particular Guide, go to Strand Groups Menu, and tried to assign "2", but it doesnt work. Maya Animation Rigging Concepts, Second Edition Ohailey , Tina Breaking it down so that you can achieve a fundamental understanding of the concept, this book will get you up and rigging with step-by-step tutorials covering multiple animation control types, connection methods, interactive skinning, and much more.

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