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Mar 03, 2011 · Master stock primers newly suspended in H 2 O should be allowed to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before they are used for working stock dilutions. Mix well before making working stock dilutions. Working stock, 10 µM. Dilute the primer master stock in a sterile microcentrifuge tube 1:10 with molecular grade H 2 O. Used as a 2x master mix the final concs will be (for a 50ul reaction): 200uM dNTP (normal working conc) 2mM MgCl 1.25U Taq (25ul of 2X mm multiplied by 0.05) You say you use 2.5mM each dNTP when making your PCRs normally, this is the stock conc which will translate to 10mM dNTP mix which is final conc of 200uM 10mM x 1ul / 50ul = 0.2mM

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Gold Biotechnology (U.S. Registration No 3,257,927) and Goldbio (U.S. Registration No 3,257,926) are registered trademarks of Gold Biotechnology, Inc.

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Gold Biotechnology (U.S. Registration No 3,257,927) and Goldbio (U.S. Registration No 3,257,926) are registered trademarks of Gold Biotechnology, Inc.

Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase that possesses a 5´→ 3´ polymerase activity (1,2,3) and a 5´ flap endonuclease activity (4,5). Taq 2X Master Mix is an optimized ready-to-use solution containing Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl 2, KCI and stabilizers.It is ideally suited to routine PCR applications from templates including pure DNA solutions, bacterial colonies, and cDNA ...We will set up an "assembly line" to add Master Mix and mineral oil before putting the tubes into the PCR machine. Add 40 uL of Master Mix plus the 10 uL already added to the PCR tube = 50 uL final reaction volume. MASTER MIX Reactant per Reaction x (number of students)+ 1 extra = Taq Polymerase 5 U/ul 0.1 uL ____ uL PCR buffer 10x 5 uL ____ uLTaq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED is a ready to use 1.1x or 2x master mix. Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED is available in two final MgCl 2 concentrations: 1.5 mM and 2.0 mM. Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED is composed of Ampliqon Taq DNA Polymerase, the NH 4 + buffer system, dNTPs and magnesium chloride.

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